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As consumers’ demands for healthy and safe products as well as a growing demand on the part of legislation and authorities have raised the importance of food safety significantly. Because of this, water based adhesives is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for solvent based products

At SA Adhesives, our non-toxic water based adhesives are environmentally safe and contain zero VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and are ideal for the food packaging industry. Furthermore, they can be used to manufacture even the most complex laminates. Through our SA Adhesives brand, we are excited to deliver exceptional water based adhesives, each offering exceptional long-lasting and high temperature resistant performance.


The paper and packaging industry is the largest user of adhesives worldwide and a market with numerous applications for the most diverse adhesives. In the paper and packaging industry, SA Adhesives is focused on innovative applications and niches where the expertise as market leader can be successfully utilized, and seeks a continued expansion in these areas.

The challenges for innovative adhesives are raised due to the general trend, where packaging is increasingly a means to promote successful branding of the end product. (Sustainable) packaging units made of renewable resources also create new opportunities to distinguish SA Adhesives from our competition.



If you want your project to stick, it is important to find the perfect adhesive. The performance of solvent-based adhesives is determined by the specific polymer formulation of the adhesive.With that said, there are several advantages to working with Chemsol’s solvent-based adhesives in fast-paced industries because they have a short fixing time, substantially decreasing the amount of time waiting for an item / frame to set. 

To be effective, the joined materials fuse together as the polymer solvent quickly evaporates, making this an effective glue for fast-paced industries. Applications that may require Chemsol’s solvent-based adhesives are woodworking, furniture manufacturing, and PVC piping and sheeting.


Adhesive manufacturers and processors have to respond to constantly renewed challenges based on the increasing demands of the wood & furniture industry, and the leather & shoe industry; with regards to product reliability,  process and occupational safety. The pressure for innovation throughout the entire value chain is increased by a number of reasons, such as current trends, new living environments, material innovation, new manufacturing processes, and by a demand for items produced observing health and sustainability aspects

The manufacturing processes in the woodworking industry are becoming increasingly automated and interlinked. This calls for adhesives that are efficient, process reliable, flexible and durable. Additionally, workplaces as well as the end product are expected to meet very stringent ecological standards. Equal in versatility and matching these high standards are the adhesives from SA Adhesives.




Through Chemsol, a brand of SA Adhesives, we focus on every aspect that determines our infrastructure, we identify up and coming technologies and products to cater to the specific requirements of our customers from the various industry segments. Our success over the years lies in our ability to consistently deliver quality pigments for dyes and stains, matching industry parameters. Decades of our experience and industry knowledge in the field of food dyes, reactive dyes, leather dyes & pigments endows us to reach our targets of value, quality & commitment.

In order to ensure quality as well as order delivery within the stipulated time frame, we have developed a high degree of backward integration. Because of this, the organization has complete control over the quality of the final products


Chemsol, a brand of SA Adhesives, is committed to establishing and maintaining itself as a leading supplier of industrial detergents & chemicals. To achieve this goal we completely satisfy our customers requirements and expectations in the quality of our products and services. Using the right detergents for a specific catering job will result in a consistently high quality of finish – and maximize the performance of your machine.